Studio Recordings


Ambient Pieces for Guitar (vol. 2)

A short collection of pieces for guitar and pedalboard

Released: January 7, 2020

Archived Ambient Pieces for Guitar (2016-2017)

A short collection of once forgotten pieces for guitar and electronics

Released: January 7, 2019


A slowly moving harmonic wall of noise. 

Change is not easily detected. 

Some points of change are rather coarse, 

While others are surprisingly pleasant. 

These moments slip in and out of each other, 

Unknowingly at times.

Released: June 7, 2019


Harsh Noise Wall

slowly degrading over time.

Release: January 8, 2016


Live Recordings

Social Distance III (Livestream)

@ Corrector Records; April, 2020

Pieces performed:

Singular They

I Can't Teach You Empathy

Circular Canon


Live @ Beet Stew; November 7, 2019

Pieces performed:

Singular They

I Can't Teach You Empathy




Montezuma's Grenades Live @ Zeitgeist Festival (IA); October 24, 2015

Ryan David Stevens & Ryan Schneider

Montezuma's Grenades - Atmospheres

Ryan David Stevens & Ryan Schneider

Released: July 4, 2014

Recital 10.21.15

Undergraduate composition recital performed live at the University of Northern Iowa's Davis Hall

October 21, 2015

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